Who we are

Our white doves have been enjoyed by many at weddings, memorials, art classes, kindergardens, fairs, fund raisers and more!

  • Nicholas Beer
  • I began flying birds because of my interest in navigation and wayfinding. In fact, these birds are capable of flying hundreds of miles home with appropriate training. As I began to bring them to events, I have heard people express many different kinds of appreciation for what they see. Many agree that the swirling elegance of the birds, as they gain their freedom, is quite inspiring. I see them fly daily and always enjoy it.

    Some memories of past events will fade but it is hard to forget a dozen or more white birds flying. For that reason, a dove release is a wonderful addition to many kinds of ceremonies.

    I worked as a wedding photographer for years and was always concerned about capturing the symbolism and spirit of an event.

    Now, I help to create it.

    Photo: Nicholas with a dove.
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